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Hey Guys & Gals!

My name is Jake Kelsick aka the The Kite Guy. I’m guessing if you are reading this you are as big of a kite junkie as I am. Here is a bit about me and what I do. I have been kiteboarding for 12 years, a Pro Rider since 2009 and I’m based in Antigua. Which in my opinion is the best island in the Caribbean 😉 My whole purpose in life is to have a good time on and off the water. We have a really good season in Antigua ( Late Nov – June / July) so I find myself spending a lot of the season at home enjoying everything the island has to offer.

What Do I Do?

I’m a full time free rider, so my main focus as a Pro is to create content (Video & Photo) as well as connect with other fellow kiters like you. This is why I have started offering services as “The Kite Guy”. Think about having someone who not only knows how to scope out the best spots, but has also been kiteboarding for half his life, riding alongside you during your next session.

Get In The Game Session

One on one / one on two Coaching. This is for anyone who has been kiting for a little while and feels ready to start having a little more fun. I’ll help you understand where you are at and what you should start pushing towards.  (Includes video analysis)

    • Cost Per Hour
      125 USD
    • Cost For The Day
      100 USD an Hr (3 HRS Or More)

Kite Trips & Charters

Going on a kite trip or have a charter coming up and need someone to handle all the kite related shenanigans? The Kite Guy has got you covered! Antigua is big HUB for Super yachts, sailboats and all sort of other floating vessels coming through the Caribbean, so it’s a great starting point to spend a week or two bouncing up, down and around the island chain. Along the way I’ll make sure we stop at all the best spots and get our fill of dreamy sessions.


What is the best session ever, without having some proof to show your friends and look back at. I’m big into capturing moments so If you are looking to document your next session or the best kite trip ever I got you covered.

Contact Me For Rates And Availability

Let’s Have Some Fun Times Soon!